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Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Oil leaks are a common occurrence in automobiles. However, it is not something you’d want on your car and should be a cause for concern. Oil leaks could result from different reasons, such as old age, mechanical issues, or weather conditions. If you are wondering why your car oil is leaking, this blog post lists some of the leading causes and provides solutions to fix your leaky car so that it doesn’t cost you money!

Common reasons why your car is leaking oil

Whenever you notice an oil leak under your car, the best course of action is to visit an auto repair shop. More often than not, you can expect your mechanic to give any of the following as the cause of the oil leak:

Oil pan gasket

The oil pan gasket is what keeps the engine’s lubricating oil in and other elements out of your car. It sits between the engine block and the transmission housing, making it a vital part of your vehicle. Degraded engine gaskets will allow oil to slip into places that it should not be. This causes the engine oil to deplete quickly and can also affect other parts of your car. If you notice an oil leak under your vehicle after taking a sharp turn or during acceleration, this could point towards issues with your oil pan gasket.

Oil filter housing O-ring

The oil filter housing is what attaches the engine’s air filter to its electric motor and holds it in place while filtering out dust particles from your car’s intake system. This means if any of these parts are faulty or damaged, they will allow more dirt into your vehicle than what is permitted. This will not only cause your car to lose engine oil, but it can also harm other parts of the system. If you notice an oil leak under your vehicle that seems to be getting worse over time, there may be issues with the O-ring in your oil filter housing.

Oil Dipstick Tube Seal

The oil dipstick tube seal is responsible for keeping the engine’s lubricating oil in and dirt out of your car. If it becomes worn or damaged, you will notice an increase in fluid loss from around this area under your vehicle. It causes a shortage of engine oil lost through leakage. If you see a potentially major oil leak under your car that won’t stop, there might be a problem with the tube seal.

Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Gasket

The windshield washer fluid reservoir is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s windshield clean through its use of cleaning agents. This gasket sits between the windshield washer fluid tank and the engine. A damaged gasket can result in the car losing oil. This causes dirt to accumulate on the windshield more than what is allowed. If you notice an engine oil leak under your car that seems to worsen over time, you might want to check the windshield’s washer fluid reservoir gasket.

Oil filter/drain plug

The oil pan drain plug is responsible for keeping dirt out of your car’s engine. Unfortunately, it is prone to wear and tear and may develop cracks over time. You should notice oil dripping from under your vehicle when this happens. If this is left unrepaired over a long period, it could affect other parts of your car.

Cylinder head gasket

The cylinder head gasket is responsible for keeping your car’s engine cool by sealing off the space between it and the engine block. Wear and tear over time can lead to engine oil leaks in areas around the cylinder head gasket. The blown head gasket causes overheating, resulting in permanent damage to other parts of your car.

What should I do about my car leaking oil?

The best thing to do for your car leaking oil is to schedule a visit to a mechanic. They will be able to help you with the needed repairs, as well as offer accurate answers on what might have caused it in the first place. If left unattended, these problems could cause permanent damage or affect other parts of your car and have you spending even more on future repairs.
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How much does an oil change cost?

Once your mechanic has fixed the source of your leaking oil, you’ll have to replace the leaked oil. Generally, a motor oil replacement cost will depend on the type of vehicle you are driving and where you go to get it done. On average, a simple fuel change can be around $50-$100, but an expensive car with complicated engines might require more time for repairs which could make this much higher depending on what is needed.

How often should I change my oil?

Experts recommend that you should change your car’s engine oil every 3000 to 5000 miles. This is what you\ll find on most car’s owner manuals, available online or at a local library if they are not available for free on the manufacturer’s website. You could also consult with an auto mechanic before considering this since some mechanics have their own recommendations for oil changes.

Come to Gary’s Olympia Auto Service!

If you notice oil leaking from under your car that won’t stop, visit our shop as soon as possible. You can give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment! Our technicians will diagnose the problem and help you with reliable oil leak repairs and oil change Olympia, so it does not happen again in the future.

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Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

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