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Auto Repair Lacey

Lacey’s Auto Repair Experts

Auto Repair LaceyWith proximity to Lacey, WA, our Olympia auto repair shop is conveniently located for you. With over 121 years of combined experience, the technicians here at Gary’s Olympia Auto Services can take care of any auto repair problem. Whether your car isn’t running correctly or you just need basic maintenance for your vehicle, we offer complete auto repair for everything from tune-ups to major overhauls, including engine and transmission replacement.

We will gladly diagnose any problem for you once you arrive at our auto repair shop, and if you are unable to get to our shop, simply give us a call, and we can assist with arrangements for getting your vehicle towed to us. We may also be able to diagnose the problem over the phone with you in some situations.

Gary’s Olympia Auto Services Repair Difference

We use factory OE parts or equivalent and we use state of the art Computer Diagnostics equipment. This helps us separate ourselves from the competition to give you the best service possible in Lacey. Our technicians can handle just about any auto repair work, but we specialize in the following:

    • Auto Maintenance: From air filter and windshield wiper replacement to oil changes and battery maintenance, small elements of your vehicle’s upkeep can still be important. Putting off these responsibilities can eventually turn into larger problems, so be sure to visit us for regular maintenance that ensures you will never have a rough ride.
    • Tune-Ups: Visit us for regular tune-ups to boost your engine performance and fuel economy to ultimately extend the life of your vehicle. Tune-ups are an important step in making sure you won’t have to contend with major vehicle repairs down the road.
    • Engine Repair and Rebuild: Our auto repair experts specialize in preventative engine care and will troubleshoot any immediate engine-related issues to get your vehicle back to 100% performance.
    • Transmission Repair: A well-maintained transmission is essential to ensuring a smooth response from your car when switching gears and accelerating. We will fix any major problems you are noticing when switching gears or accelerating, and we can maintain your transmission to prevent any major issues in the first place.
    • Heating and Air Conditioning: The Pacific Northwest weather can get harsh in peak winter and summer. Visit us to make sure your vehicle runs at a steady temperature and keeps a comfortable interior with consistent auto air conditioning maintenance.
    • Brake Repair and Service: Be sure to visit us immediately upon any signs of brake wear. If you are hearing screeching or noticing a burning smell, stop in so we can get you back on the road safely. We will also let you know if your brakes need any preemptive maintenance.
    • Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs: We conduct regular electrical system checks to make sure your alternator and starter are in healthy condition. We will make sure your electrical system is well maintained and reliable for years to come.

    Engine Repair LaceyDon’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to give us a call with any questions at (360) 754-5533

    Gary’s Delivers Unparalleled Auto Repair Services

    We service auto repair needs in Lacey or auto repair in Olympia for a wide range of vehicles. From basic four-door cars and hatchbacks to SUVs and pickup trucks, visit us to solve immediate issues and preventative maintenance for any size or model vehicle on the road.

    Have Questions? Simply give us a call today!