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Oil Change Olympia

Comprehensive Oil Change Services For Your Vehicle

Oil Change OlympiaOne thing every vehicle has in common is the need for an oil change. Whether your car is old or right off the lot, an oil change is an important part of the maintenance to stay current on. Gary’s Olympia Auto Service offers auto repair services and oil changes Olympia relies on for quality. Along with changing the oil, we also perform a multi-point auto inspection to ensure your vehicle is in safe, working condition. Olympia trusts us for quality service and excellent customer care.

You can think of oil as the lifeblood your car lives on. It keeps your engine lubricated so that moving parts can function without the friction of metal on metal. Letting your oil run too low or allowing it to get dirty without a change will eventually cause your engine to seize and can effectively total your car.

Oil Change Olympia Relies On

Our oil change is included as part of our regular maintenance package, or you can come in for an oil change alone. Either way, we make note of the areas we work around during the oil change and can advise you on the state of repair your vehicle is in. If we see areas that are getting worn or are coming toward their factory-recommended change, we will let you know.

Oil Change Services OlympiaAll our estimates are upfront, and we discuss them with you before doing any work. We explain our services as well as any suggestions we come across without hurling technical-speak at you. We want you to feel comfortable and we are happy to answer any questions you have. Our friendly, experienced technicians will inform you, but they will never pressure you. You can count on us for a straightforward oil change without any hidden fees or sales pitches thrown in.

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